About the Capitol Hill Challenge Program

Capital Hill Challenge team of students

Each year, with the full participation of Congress, the Capitol Hill Challenge (CHC) invites thousands of public school students nationwide to participate in a fun, educational online competition that instills a deeper understanding of personal finance and economics. Since its inception in 2004, CHC has made 7,000 Congressional matches with schools, reaching nearly 160,000 students across the country.

CHC is offered free of charge and by invitation from the SIFMA Foundation. CHC matches Members of Congress with students, teachers, and schools in their respective Congressional district by zip code, with priority consideration given to public schools demonstrating the highest need as measured by federal school assistance programs. Up to two public middle or high schools per Congressional district may participate in CHC each year, and each school may have up to 10 student teams with 3-5 students per team. CHC ensures thousands of students at high-needs public schools across the country have access to high-quality financial education programming, especially in communities that may not otherwise have such opportunity.

CHC features the acclaimed Stock Market Game™ program, which, virtually or in the classroom, serves 600,000 public, private, and parochial school students annually, including 300,000 girls, 250,000 students from economically-disadvantaged communities, and 200,000 students of color. CHC student teams manage a hypothetical $100,000 online portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, impact investments, and cash. They learn integral workplace skills such as collaboration and critical thinking and improve their personal financial behavior and standardized test scores in math and economics.

At the end of the competition, the top 10 performing teams win awards and national recognition, plus the opportunity to engage directly with government and business leaders, virtually or in person (as per health and safety guidelines).

The 2023 Capitol Hill Challenge Program

The 2023 Capitol Hill Challenge will take place online from January 30 – May 5, 2023 with a culminating celebration for winning teams to be held in June, either in-person or virtually (depending on health and safety guidelines). CHC is offered only by invitation from the SIFMA Foundation, with priority consideration given to Title I public middle and high schools demonstrating the highest need as measured by federal school assistance programs such as Free and Reduced Meals.*

For a complete set of program guidelines and rules, please click here. For questions or information, please contact

*SIFMA Foundation is thrilled to provide The Stock Market Game™ and InvestWrite® to all interested schools, reaching millions of students nationwide. Due to limited capacity and in keeping with SIFMA Foundation's mission to reach economically-disadvantaged communities, Capitol Hill Challenge gives priority to public schools, which educate 90% of the population without tuition as a barrier to entry.

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